The Dlott Group is an interdisciplinary research group investigating condensed matter dynamics by combining expertise in the areas of chemical physics, physical chemistry, laser spectroscopy, solid-state chemistry, mechanical engineering and materials science. These systems are probed using powerful techniques in ultrafast optical and infrared spectroscopy.  The two primary research areas, broadly speaking, are materials under extreme conditions of high dynamic temperatures and pressures, and ultrafast electrochemical transformations.

Research in the Dlott Group uses state-of-the art laser instrumentation to probe the behavior of condensed matter systems on molecular length scales (nanometers) and time scales (femtoseconds) with new techniques in time-resolved spectroscopy. Research projects that are available for prospective students or postdocs include physical chemistry of shock compression and nonlinear coherent vibrational spectroscopy of electrochemical transitions.  More details can be found in the linked research pages. 

Chemical systems currently being studied with time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy include  liquids, nanoparticles, organic solids, energetic materials, polymers, thin films, biological molecules, surfaces and interfaces. We continually push the state of the art in new lasers and nonlinear optics to learn about chemical reaction dynamics under extreme conditions and at energetic interfaces.

Dana D. Dlott

William H. and Janet G. Lycan Professor of Chemistry


Spring semester group meetings start January 18th 2018