B.S. Missouri Western State University ​akmoore5@illinois.edu   Alexander comes from a Champaign-sized town in northwest Missouri, where he got bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and mathematics from Missouri Western State University.  He was attracted to UIUC in the fall of 2015 by the fabulously flat bicycle terrain, the cross-sectionally cut NMR display in CLSL, and the fantastic chemistry PhD program.  Although officially a part of the analytical chemistry area, Alexander decided to pursue research of a more physical nature within the Dlott group when he realized that it was by far the coolest group of all.[citation needed]  Alexander studies electrode reactions using sum frequency generation (SFG) a technique which he finds to be immensely fascinating.  When not at his desk or in lab, he enjoys bicycling, reading, pickup games of Ultimate Frisbee or soccer, and tinkering with wire and magnets.  He also enjoys visiting his parents and seven siblings back in Missouri.