​Ph.D. Bowling Green State University (2016) M.S. (2010) and B.S. (2008) St. Petersburg State University (Russia) matveev@illinois.edu   I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Prof. Dana Dlott’s Group. My research interest is focused on reactive nanomaterials, the properties of which are investigated after shock by using various types of spectroscopy, i.e. pyrometry (emission), IR and UV-vis absorbance spectroscopies. My research is split into two projects: 1) reactivity of thermite mixture (Al and CuO) in polymer matrix (PVDF) 2) fundamental knowledge of chemical and thermal energy transfer in nano-laminate systems based on metal/metal-oxide layers. My other area of interest is ultrafast (<35 fs) pump-probe spectroscopy of simple halogen derivatives of methane and transition metal complexes.