National Nuclear Security Administration DP, "Carnegie DOE Alliance Center". 2013-2018, Support for 1.5 grad students, approx $440,000.

Air Force Office of Scientific Research, "Ultrafast spectroscopy of shocked materials and shocked energetic materials, 2014-2017, $606,000.

Air Force Office of Scientific Research STTR Phase II, 2013-2015, "STTR: Electrochemical conversion of CO2 and water to syngas", $120,000.

Defense Threat Reduction Agency, 2012-2017, "Ultrafast diagnostics for high-speed impacts with particulate composites", $750,000

Office of Naval Research MURI, 2012-2018," Shock wave energy dissipation (SWED) by mechanochemically-active materials", Dlott is PI with five co-PIs. $7,500,000 (Dlott's allocation is $1,250,000).

Army Research Office, 2013-2016, "Impact initiation of reactive materials", $520,000

National Science Foundation, "Ultrafast laser spectroelectrochemistry", 2014-2017, $462,000

Air Force Office of Scientific Research "Real-time dynamics of hot spots in microstructured energetic materials: experiments and simulations", (Dlott is PI with Suslick and Vashishta (USC) co-PIs). Dlott allocation is $600,000.