Ph.D. in Chemistry University of Liverpool (2012) B. Sc. + M. Sc. in Physics Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (2006) Personal website:   My research interest is to understand molecular reactions occurring at interfaces, such a liquid-metal or gas-metal; as well as photochemical reactions. My favorite tool​s to use are ultrafast lasers and nonlinear spectroscopic techniques. I started my career from a more condense matter perspective, graduating in Physics at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain. During my thesis at University of Liverpool, UK, I moved towards a chemical-physics mixture, studying photochemical reactions on Cu by continuous wave source light and VIS-pump SFG-probe. I also tested how to use electronic SF​S​ to understand ​metal-molecule ​band structure​; and calculate the electric field enhancement on roughed metal surfaces by finite element modeling​;​ to relate with plasmon-enhanced photochemical reactions (2011 Woodruff thesis prize of the Thin Films and Surfaces group of the IOP). Currently, I am learning electrochemistry and combining with vibrational sum frequency spectroscopy towards the understanding of the ​carbon dioxide​ electroreduction mechanism on ionic liquid-metal, at the UIUC​ with prof. Dlott's group,​ in a collaborative project with Dioxide Materials.